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    Amber Rose Goes Into Hiding to Protect Her Energy

    If you’ve been worrying about where Amber Rose has been, we’ve got the answers.

    Amber Rose has been MIA lately because she’s more concerned with protecting her energy than letting it be destroyed by others..more specifically the internet trolls.

    The Slut Walk organizer is pregnant, and there’s nothing more important right now than maintaining a healthy pregnancy. So she stopped by Instagram to let people know what’s been going through her mind.

    “So me. I stopped being friends with about 20 ppl last year. I’ve had friends steal jewelry and money from me, Sleep with my BF’s behind my back, Male friends lying and telling people we were sleeping together, Alcoholic drug addict friends, Abusive Friends, Toxic Personality friends and I even had a Friend call Social Services on me twice ( For no fucking reason) only to Sue me for calling her and Cursing her out (When I found out it was her) smh That Phone call cost me $168,000… Man, the list goes on you have no idea. The funny thing is I never snitched publicly on anyone. Ain’t that some shit? People may not know this but I’m extremely unproblematic. I don’t start fights. I don’t do drugs. I’m as sweet as pie and constantly get walked all over.”

    Amber talks about having to cut ties with certain people, who she calls toxic because they were abusing their friendship. She claims one friend even tried to extort her, via Page Six.

    But through it all, she’s thankful to have been able to find peace.

    “I’m so happy God has blessed me with a New Baby and an Amazing Man to help me through all the turmoil. That’s why I’ve been laying so low during this pregnancy…. no Toxicity will be tolerated over here only Positive vibes. Fuck fake friends and their weirdo shit. I’d rather just have my family and my team. P.S This is also why I’m not having my Slutwalk this year…. Sorry I just have to protect my energy and peace – Muva”

    So don’t go looking for Amber, she’s busy being unbothered. And she won’t be having her annual Slut Walk. 

    Thoughts? How do you feel about Amber Rose going MIA to protect her pregnancy? Leave a comment.

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