Drake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a songDrake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a song

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    Drake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a songDrake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a song

    Altered Carbon: Resleeved Quick Review

    Spoiler Alert!!!

    Takeshi Kovacs seems to be a hot product for Netflix. The Altered Carbon anime titled Altered Carbon: Resleeved released on Netflix today, March 19, 2020. The anime is different from its live-action family. Where the live-action series focuses on Takeshi and his mission, Resleeved only focuses on the mission. There are no side stories of Takeshi’s past and his history as an “Envoy”. This is unfamiliar to me because I’m used to it being something about Takeshi. Telling us more about his envoy days and his main goal in life.

    The anime really doesn’t show the world of Altered Carbon. It mostly takes place in a hotel run by the Yakuza called, The Wild Geese. I wish that we had more scenes of seeing Latimer (the world that they are on) and how well the animators could of capture a future world. But sadly we were stuck in the house all day.

    Details of Resleeved

    Altered Carbon: Resleeved is a prequel to season 1 of the series. There are hints of this being presumed when the C-TEC agent calls Takeshi brother at the end. Remember, Takeshi’s sister died at the end of season 1 when fighting Takeshi. Also, the man that hires Takeshi to do his mission is the same Japanese man who he was talking to in season 2. Maybe this was the favor Takeshi help him with? Hence, there are references to previous seasons, which was great to see. I wasn’t expecting Gina to be Takeshi’s sister, what a great twist.

    This Takeshi Kovac sleeve is way different from the other ones. He is a fighting machine. I mean, if all three Kovac sleeves were to fight… I may have to go with the one with the white hair. Voice by Ray Chase, this Kovacs is not here to play. He mercilessly takes care of his enemies with no problem and bearly gets hurt doing it. Plus, he is way cooler than his future ones.

    The action in the anime movie is great. The cyber ninjas were doing amazing things and killing people with combos and teamwork that would make you clap with approval. Not only were the ninjas good. But Gina and Takeshi were also using their fighting skills masterfully. The action of this movie was superb and I hope that they take some of these ideas from the anime and use them in the show.


    The story of Altered Carbon: Resleeved wasn’t all that catchy. It was ok but could have been better. To me, the story was mostly action but not enough dialogue like an Altered Carbon series usually has. To go with that, you can easily be turn away from the dialogue and story of the movie. The action scenes are what really keep you attach.


    Altered Carbon: Resleeved introduces us to a new world and mystery to solve. We follow Takeshi’s new sleeves as he tries to help a girl stay alive from the Yakuza and cyber ninjas. We barely see the world like we usually do in AC (Altered Cabon) and I miss the grimy futuristic vibe that Harlan’s World gives us. Also, the story was a little dull and could have been spruce up a bit. The best part about this film is the new sleeve and the action. Overall, I will give Altered Carbon: Resleeved a 7.3/10.

    If you agree or don’t agree on the score, comment below and tell us why.

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    Drake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a songDrake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a song

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