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Aldyr Schlee, Famous Yellow Jersey Designer, Dies

Aldyr Schlee has died at the age of 83 years old. Schlee was the designer responsible for the famous yellow jersey, worn by the National Football Team of Brazil.

Upon hearing about a national competition in search of the team’s new uniform, he was working as an illustrator for a newspaper in Rio Grande do Sul. Schlee won the contest with his design in 1953. The contest was a result of Brazil’s football team losing it’s match in 1950, against Uruguay. The defeat ignited Brazil to search for a way to instill pride back into their country. Schlee designed several other jerseys before making his final decision.

“In the end I realised the shirt just had to be yellow,” he said. “That went nicely with the blue and the socks could be white, with the green around the collar.”

Schlee was battling skin cancer. The team paid tribute to him during their match against Uruguay. Both teams sat in a moment of silence. Brazil won 1-0.

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