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    Absofacto released the haunting new track “Unquit You” Ft. NITESHIFT

    Absofacto and NITESHIFT have teamed up to release a haunting new track titled “Unquit You.” The song combines Absofacto’s soulful vocals with NITESHIFT’s ability to create a multi-dimensional, immersive experience for the listener.

    The track’s accompanying visual is a powerful homage to classic 70’s horror films, providing a surreal backdrop for the song’s nostalgic lyrics. Absofacto’s unique blend of pop, electronic, and indie-rock styles shines through on “Unquit You,” creating a retro and contemporary sound.

    Absofacto’s past hits, such as “Dissolve” and “Light Outside,” have garnered millions of streams and established him as an innovative artist in the indie-pop scene. With “Unquit You,” Absofacto continues pushing his sound’s boundaries, exploring new emotional depths.

    NITESHIFT’s ongoing creative experience offers a unique platform for Absofacto to experiment and create outside the traditional album format. “Unquit You” is just one example of the boundary-pushing collaborations that can emerge from this innovative approach to music-making.

    Overall, “Unquit You” is a haunting and memorable addition to Absofacto and NITESHIFT’s growing catalogs of genre-defying music.


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