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    6ix9ine Sued Nearly $100,000 Over Unreleased Song!

    6ix9ine has an unreleased track with Danish artist Sleiman put away. Apparently, 6ix9ine’s label will not let it see the light of day–and Sleiman is not too happy about it.

    According to TMZ, a report was published on April 18th, Sleiman has filed a lawsuit over the song against 6ix9ine and his label. It is heard to have been a lawsuit for nearly $100,000. Tekashi reportedly recorded the song for Sleiman in September of 2018–just a couple months before Tekashi was arrested in the federal racketeering case that has him behind bars till this day.

    Unfortunately, once “Red Bandnna [sic]/Black Hoodie” was fully complete, Sleiman claims that 10k Projects reached out to him and said they have exclusive rights to all things 6ix9ine, and that the song couldn’t be released unless they signed off on it, says XXL.

    10k Projects reportedly added that if he did release it without their approval, they would quickly sue him. Months later, Slemain still does not have their approval and is now sitting on an unreleased track that he’s already paid for. He wants a judge to declare him the rightful owner of the track so he can release it.

    6ix9ine currently remains behind bars, but his lawyers recently revealed hopes for a different plan. Dawn Florio, a member of the rapper’s legal team, said if his co-defendants take plea deals, she will ask a judge to grant 6ix9ine time served since he’s been behind bars since November 2018. Should all go well, 6ix9ine could be a free man as early as September.

    How do you feel about the situation? Do you think Sleiman should sue 6ix9ine? Leave your comments below!

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