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    50 Cent Street Loans Adding Up!! Pay Up Champ!!

    50 Cent will perhaps go down as the biggest social media troll in history. Since the start of his career, Curtis Jackson has made it a joy to watch people suffer at his convenience.

    The Jamaica Queens rapper came from nothing and turned his lyrics into millions. Despite all his success, 50 Cent still has a short fuse when it comes to disrespect and money. Furthermore, 50 Cent street loans have turned into a real business for the mogul. One thing is for sure, if you owe fiddy, chances are he’s about to call you out on it.

    We’ve seen everyone from Randall Emmett, Jackie Long, Rotimi, to Teairra Mari get called out for owing the G-Unit CEO money. He has no problem going onto Instagram to set the record straight with his infamous line “Have My Money By Monday”. It wasn’t before long until what started out as possibly a small joke became a real-life situation for celebrities close to the rapper. Now it seems as though his latest target is one that typically has plenty of bankrolls and practically wants for nothing.

    Earlier today he called out the former welterweight champion in an Instagram clip.  The video starts out with Money Mayweather flaunting what looks to be a million dollars. Shortly after it’s none other than 50 Cent trolling in the best way he knows how.

    “Hey, what you doing with all that money?… Now that I think about it, don’t you owe me some money man?

    He along with boxer Adrien Da Problem Broner is in the clip together laughing at the champ. The two have had public fall outs several times over the last couple of years. One verbal altercation leads to 50 Cent allegedly releasing a clip showing that Floyd can’t read. Furthermore, Mayweather is currently a laughing stock because of getting crossed over in a celebrity charity basketball game by Bone Crusher.

    In conclusion, do you think that 50 Cent street loans are hilarious? Who else do you think owes him money? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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