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    Tekashi Airs Out Former Book Company MTA ON Breakfast Club

    MTA isn’t too happy with Mr. 6ix9ine at the moment!!

    Yesterday, the drama-filled Tekashi 6ix9ine join The Breakfast Club for an interview. This perhaps one of the most necessary interviews to have as Tekashi has been in the media news just about every day for something different. Many people wanted one question answered. Why did he fire his entire team earlier this week??

    Tekashi in his special fashion made sure to clear the air as to why he has no PR, manager, booking agent, and so on. The rapper said that it was because he was robbed that he couldn’t trust anyone at this point. He also went on into detail to state that he only received $300,000 of what allegedly was supposed to be $3.5 million deal. The news shocked many people while watching the interview.

    6ix9ine claims that MTA, the booking company that handled the deal threatened his mother’s life. It’s still blurred liens as a rep from MTA claims that a $3.5 million was never on the table. It was briefly discussed but never formalized on paper. The booking company also fired back stating that they handled the rapper’s security, travel, along with transportation. In addition, making sure that 6ix9ine made it to multiple court appearances safely.

    MTA advised TMZ that they booked nine upcoming US shows and two in Mexico for Tekashi. In total, a deposit of $700,000 was paid for the shows. The booking company went on and advised that they also booked five shows in Germany, in which Tekashi was paid $160,000 in deposits. At the moment MTA may take legal action for Tekashi’s claim on The Breakfast Club.



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