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    3 Takeaways from Haitian Immigration Crisis in Latin America

    As a result from the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise and the destructive earthquake that shaked the island. Caused nearly 14,000 migrants, many who are seeking asylum to flee their homes in the Haitian territory.

    Political Meddling

    Between the U.S. and Haiti, they shared a piece of history together as the two oldest countries in the Western Hemisphere.

    Constantly, the United States have denied acknowledgement of Haiti’s independence from France since 1804. Having various military coups and meddling that ended up destroying the nation itself. Many experts say that Haiti is owed in billions in reparations due to colonialism.

    To this day Haitian migrants are being mistreated throughout, especially when they try to cross the border of the United States.

    Double Trekking

    Apart from having issues with migrants at the border, meanwhile in Necocli, Colombia they are having immigration issues as well. A town that was commonly known for having tourists is now filled with campsites from Haitian migrants who are making their to the U.S. border.

    By not having access to visas, many are resulting to move around Brazil, Chile and other South American countries. Additionally many immigrants believe to have the idea that it has become easier to get into the U.S. Now that Donald Trump is out of the presidency.

    “Donald Trump lost the election so I’m giving it a try,” says Noel, 34, who spent the last five years in Brazil working in a hotel laundry room.

    Racism Taking Place

    As a consequence, due to immigration issues at the border. The Biden Administration is having some backlash. President Biden made a statement promising an n investigation of the mistreatment from border patrol. Saying it was “beyond an embarrassment” and “dangerous”.

    Throughout, we’ve seen the treatment given to immigrants at the border as somehow unwilling to help. Taken from the example of the past week. Where border patrol confronted Haitians in horseback, some swinging their reins like whips.

    “It sends the wrong message around the world,” Biden said. “It’s simply not who we are.”



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