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    199X Turns L.A. Into ‘Kandyland’ In New EP


    Topping headlines from coast to coast is none other than Los Angeles’ very own, 199X. The multi-talented creative recently dropped off his long-awaited EP titled, Kandyland.

    The project is enjoyable through and through and no skip necessary. While curating his latest project, 199X describes himself as being in “rockstar mode.”

    The triple-threat producer, song-writer, and artist not only gifted fans with a bop, but he produced all of the songs on his EP except “Kamera.” In fact, the track was curated by Arejeigh, who is 199X’s engineer and brother.

    Kicking off the EP is his track titled, “Gone”. A fun party anthem with a hypnotizing beat that makes you want to get up and dance. The project is about the underground party scene that sprang up during the COVID-19’s pandemic, according to the LA rhymer in a recent interview. Utilizing that inspiration to produce such well-crafted, care-free records on his EP.

    Next up is Arejeigh’s collaborated track titled, “Kamera”. 199X delivers a memorable melody over a captivating beat. Maximizing the ability to get stuck on replay in your head.

    The third track, “XXX,” will certainly hook you, from the bass to his wordplay. The song is fun to listen to and can be used as a party anthem.

    Although the entire album will have you dancing and on your feet, “XXX” definitely takes the cake. Establishing 199X as one of the most promising new artists.

    Just, like “XXX,” this last song demonstrates 199X’s versatility and skill as an artist. The album’s eponymous or self-titled track, “KANDYLAND,” is the album’s shortest track. Clocking in at just over a minute and thirty seconds.

    None of the songs on the EP sound alike. Despite the fact that the project as a whole has an overarching narrative of loosening up and partying. 199X shows his versatility and tenacity with his Kandyland EP. You don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.


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