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Zion Williamson Nearing Return For Duke

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Duke fans have good reason to smile regarding Zion Williamson.

The last time Duke and North Carolina took the stage to do battle on February 20th, Duke lost their biggest start 33 seconds into the contest with a mild knee sprain, as a result of the Duke star having a freak accident. Zion went to make a simple move mid-court and exploded right out of his shoe, as he collapsed mid-court, in Duke’s 88-72 loss to North Carolina.

Last night the Blue Devils once again matched up against the Tar Heels, and once again losing to the Heels 79-70. Zion Williamson was ruled out before the game even began, and now moments after Duke’s 2nd loss in less than a month to the Tar Heels — Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski confirmed that Zion is set to return on Thursday night, when the team starts their ACC tournament.

Duke is 3-3 without Zion Williamson. For Blue Devil fans this news is a sigh of relief.  After Zion’s injury, NBA players took to the internet to voice their opinions on if Zion should shutdown the rest of the season to prepare for the NBA Draft, according to an article released by NBC Sports. Utah Jazz Donovan Mitchell, and Denver Nuggets Isaiah Thomas , were some of the stars who took to Twitter to comment of the Duke Star’s status. With these reports circulating for weeks, many sports fans were under the impression that the Duke Star was going to attempt to do this.

Zion Williamson when healthy has been nothing short of sensational this year for the Blue Devils. The freshman is averaging 21 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 assist. The possible overall number #1 draft pick has plenty to see in the upcoming months.


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