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    Nike To Blame For Zion Williamson’s Injury.. Cheap Ass Sneakers!!

    The nearly unstoppable Blue Devils took a loss, and Nike is to blame.

    With March Madness right around the corner, the adrenaline for college basketball fans is at an all-time high. Since 1993, Nike has been providing the gear for Duke, and has surely reaped plenty of benefit from it. Above all, bad news has come to light the in wake of Zion Williamson’s possible injury. The highly expected no.1 NBA draft pick was set to face North Caroline when a sudden incident took place.

    Nike Done Fucked Up!!

    Overall, the massive big man was ready to duel against the enemy. However, he sustained a knee injury in the first minute of the game. Furthermore, the 285 pounds forward injury cost them the game. Not only did the injury make Duke lose big time, but trolls also took to Twitter to blame Nike for the mishap. In addition, Nike is surely going to have to answer for this happening.

    In conclusion, is Nike the blame for the injury? Should Nike release a statement? Leave your comments below and be sure to follow



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    1. Sheesh funny videos! They surely will pay big if Zion’s career fall. Could be the force of the body but doesn’t change the fact that the shoes get ruined

    2. As someone who plays basketball twice a week in meaningless pickup games, I can say that I’ve been disappointed with the quality of my last two pairs of Nike basketball sneakers. For the first time in almost a decade, I’ve considered switching to another brand to see if I can find a more comfortable and durable pair. I’ve had insoles that disintegrate after a handful of games, lacing setups that fall apart — doesn’t seem unfair to expect more from the world’s premier sneaker company.


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