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    Philadelphia, PA — It’s November again, just around that time basketball fans start their discussions on who is the next best thing coming out of Men’s NCAA Basketball. This year look no further than Zion Williams.

    The 6’7, 285 pound power forward at Duke, who plays more like a point forward has been sending shockwaves around the world , and has been leaving a lasting impression on YouTube followers, who have been looking at clips of this kid since his high school playing days at Spartanburg Day school in South Carolina.

    Picture a player with the build of Karl Malone, the quickness of LeBron James, the jump shot of Kobe Bryant,  the dunking power of Shaquille O’Neal, and the dunking creativity of Zach Lavine all rolled into one. That’s what NBA fans can expect with this kid.

    In his first game at Duke, Williams scored 28 points, shot 7-13 from the field, grabbed 7 rebounds, and dished 2 assist, including an impressive one where he grabbed a ball from a player mid-air on a blocked shot, then dished the ball at the other end of the court from center court.

    The ability he has for his size is surreal, which will make it tough to decide his position once he enters the NBA. He’s a player that can possibly play 3-to-4 positions in the NBA. In an interview published by USA Today, Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr compared Williams to LeBron James,

    “No, but I saw some kid on Duke last night who was pretty impressive. Oh my goodness. I probably can’t say anything more or mention his name … The one who is 285. LeBron, I thought that was a one shot deal, but apparently the next guy’s coming.

    “And before I get fined, I’m gonna change the subject.”

    Zion Williams played his first game at Duke, and most college basketball spectators forgot about number 1 ranked Kansas’s win over 10th ranked Michigan State, which was the first game.

    Steve Kerr is correct, we had Michael Jordan, then we had Kobe Bryant, LeBron came after Kobe, now it seems to be Zion’s turn; the next best thing to enter the NBA.

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