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    Zaely Is Tired Of Lies & Deceit In The Latest Single “Should Have Known”

    With “Should Have Known” getting so much great feedback, her label R.O.E Records knew there had to be a follow up music video.

    This song is about the pain Zaely once had in a relationship full of lies and manipulation. Zaely really connects with her female fans with this song.


    In this music video the artist is in a dark and rugged room alone, reminiscing about her heartbreaking and deceitful relationship. Co-starring in the video is a giant teddy bear in replace of her unfaithful man. Though this video may seem as though the singer is alone and heartbroken, she has something up her sleeve for the audience.

    This music video was shot and edited by Atlanta based videographer, KD Gray. Zaely has worked with him before on videos such as “Gimmie Your Love”. Enjoy. Make sure to check out Zaely’s latest release, “Hybrid EmotionZ”.


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