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    YungManny Announces Confused EP, Dropping May 27th

    Maryland Prodigy YungManny Announces Confused EP, Dropping May 27th

    The 16-Year-Old Rhymer Shares Poignant “Blessings In Disguise” Video

    The Artist Follows Up the Eye-Popping “Margiela” Video with a Somber, Yet Hopeful New Clip

    The Video:

    The ascendant star in his DMV rap scene, 16-year-old rapper YungManny is known for his versatile songwriting and supernatural sense of melody. Today, Manny announces Confused EP, available to stream everywhere on May 27th.

    Coming through with an impassioned single about going through hard times, Manny shares “Blessings In Disguise. Packed with the candy-coated melodies that endears Manny to his fans, “Blessings In Disguise” finds Manny looking for silver linings after a breakup, as he stretches out his syllables into hooks: “I don’t know how to mask it/I just need reassurance that’s why I keep on asking/Everyday I sit and wonder why/I hope these are blessings in disguise.” In the video, premiered by The FADER, Manny glides through a series of unfortunate situations–including an intense police interrogation, a support group meeting, and a violent family confrontation–acting as a narrator and a symbol of hope for the people involved.

    “Everything about my life has been accidental (don’t take that the wrong way lol),” YungManny tells The FADER. “I’ve been at what I thought was my lowest and worst points, and somehow God flipped the switch in my favor. In this hook, I’m talking about a girl who I really admire and adore, yet she doesn’t feel the same way about me.lastly, it  sucks, but I’m just hoping the pain ends up being a Blessing in Disguise (true story)”

    “Blessings In Disguise” marks a major shift in mood from his previous single “Margiela,” an exuberant pop-rap jam that earned recognition in The FADER. “Margiela” and “Blessings In Disguise” display the trademark craft and youthful charm that fans have to come to expect from YungManny. Breaking out of Prince George County, Maryland in 2018 as a precocious and undeniably talented 15-year-old, YungManny hit it big with viral videos like “Moana” (4+ million views) and “I’m YungManny” (1.8 million views). He kept the momentum going in 2019 with hits like “All My Guys Are Ballers” (3.2 million views), earning glowing press coverage in PitchforkWashington Post, and more.

    Now emerging as one of his region’s most promising young stars, along with his older cousin and frequent collaborator Xanman, YungManny is primed to make the leap from local hero to national name. Stay tuned for Confused EP, which will host both “Blessings In Disguise” and “Margiela.”

    Watch “Blessings In Disguise”:

    Check out The FADER’s premiere:


    “Blessings In Disguise”:


    “All My Guys Are Ballers”:



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