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    Yung Miami Saying She’d Beat a Gay Son Is The Dumbest Shit Since Trump

    Although Yung Miami tried it in front of the cameras, her apology was lackluster, hypocritical and counterproductive to the entire stance of LGBTQ equality.

    Rapper Yung Miami of the duo City Girls previously issued an apology for 2013 tweet in which she stated that she would beat her son if he was gay. But when asked about her statement on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, she sided with her original remark, claiming that she didn’t mean anything by it. As she talked and talked and talked, she only dug herself in deeper.

    Yung Miami Saying-1

    But when asked about it, she said the following:

    Yung Miami Saying-2
    Yung Miami Saying-3
    Yung Miami Saying-4

    There are not enough characters to quantify or explain the ignorance of the statements above. And thankfully, Yung Miami dug her own grave.

    But, what do you all think? Please comment below and in other LGBTQ news:

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