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    Yung Joc Endures Baby Mama Drama Over Child Support

    No one can escape paying child support, not even celebrities. Unfortunately, Yung Joc found himself in a bit of a bind when one of his baby mama’s threw a fit after he reduced her child support payments. Currently, the former rapper is focusing on his wedding plans with his Love & Hip Hop co-star and now finance, Kendra Robinson. Unfortunately, Yung Joc’s baby mama drama could derail his wedding plans.

            Yung Joc’s Baby Mama Wants Her Money

    Young Joc
    Kendra, Yung Joc via BET

    During Monday morning’s segment of “The Streetz Morning Takeover”, the former emcee explained a past incident with one of his baby mamas that resulted in him being arrested. Furthermore, Yung Joc explained that he paid the unidentified woman “four to five thousand dollars a month in child support payments.” He made the decision to pay more ahead of time in order to keep the peace. However, he ultimately created more problems for himself.

    After the “It’s Going Down” rapper tried reducing his child support payments to save for wedding expenses, his baby mama flipped her lid. “That mother got mad, like no, you supposed to keep paying me this.” Clearly, the woman didn’t care one way or another about Yung Joc’s upcoming wedding to Love & Hip Hop’s Kendra Robinson. She wanted her money.

    She Slammed The Rapper with Child Abandonment

    Young Joc
    Joc via Wikipedia

    Unfortunately, the baby mama drama didn’t end there for the Atlanta native. The woman went as far as calling the Gwinnett County Police. Making matters worse, the police charged Yung Joc with child abandonment–even though nothing of the sort occurred.

    Let’s hope that Yung Joc made the right choice in choosing the right woman this time. He already has eight baby mamas, he doesn’t need a ninth one.


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