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    Youtuber Jake Paul Boutta Knock Soulja Boy The Fuck Out!

    Soulja Boy is about to get that celebrity boxing match that his blood has been itching for!

    Since Chris Brown allegedly pulled out of their fight, YouTube star Jake Paul has confirmed he’ll be entering the ring. And the price on the line? 20 fucking million dollars!

    When approached by TMZ, Jake Paul stated:

    “It’s pretty serious.I’m trying to fight him. I know it’ll blow up.”

    But if you are unfamiliar, Paul and Soulja Boy had a heated exchange on Instagram Live.

    “There’s just a lot of controversy around him and I think love to see him get knocked out. I’m sure people want to see me get knocked out to so that’s why I think it’ll be a big fight.”

    Further, the Youtuber is confident that the fight will happen and he will knock Soulja Boy the fuck out! But, he should relax a bit. Soulja Boy seems pumped up since he dragged Kanye, Drake and Tyga. 

    “You ain’t got no hands, Jake Paul,” Soulja said. “I already beat your brother up. What do you think I’mma do to you?”

    But, at the moment, there has been no confirmation on when the fight will go down. But according to Paul, it’ll happen once Soulja Boy stops fucking around. So what do you all believe? Is this just for show or will this actually happen? Please comment below and for more breaking news and gossip, keep it locked to!

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