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    Rapper DDG Argues That YouTubers Make Money Than Rappers

    In recent years, people have started taking on jobs as social media influencers. Some have even made a successful and lucrative career off vlogging and posting entertaining videos on TikTok. Furthermore, YouTube star-turned rapper DDG recently started up a discussion about social media influencers making more money than rappers.

    DDG Believes YouTubers Bring Home The Bacon

    In today’s time, it’s becoming clear that there’s real money to be made as a social media influencer, a vlogger or even a TikTik dancer. Even the most successful YouTube stars are paid to create content all day, everyday. There’s just no limit when it comes to the amount of money you can make on the Internet.

    Halle Bailey’s famous boyfriend DDG certainly knows that social media is a huge money pot. After all, the star rose to fame from just posting videos on YouTube all day. Eventually, social media led the star to become one of the biggest rising rap stars of today. He’s certainly done well for himself.

    Recently, the star tweeted that YouTubers make way more money than rappers. “Ngl.. youtubers/streamers make more money than rappers & it’s not even close,” he wrote on Twitter, garnishing thousands of likes and retweets. The guy would know, since he has 100 million subscribers on YouTube to date.

    The Fans Have Mixed Sentiments

    Though, fans are kind of on the fence about DDG’s comment. His tweet definitely sparked debate amongst social media users on whether or not influencers make way more mullah than a rap star. While some agreed that Instagram, YouTube and TikTok influencers are more successful, others didn’t believe the hype.

    Let us know your thoughts. Do social media influencers make more money than rappers?


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