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    Your First Yoga Practice

        Are you a first-time yogi? Do you feel overwhelmed by the vocabulary, the movement, the timing? Here’s a first-time yoga practice you can do in the comfort of your home, on your own!

    Stand straight and tall. Sweep your arms over your head.

    Slowly bend down to the ground, keeping your legs and back as straight as you can.

    Once your hands are on the floor, begin to walk yourself out to plank position.

    In plank position, your hands should be beneath your shoulders. Try to keep your back straight and squeeze your gluteus muscles.

    Slowly lower yourself down to the floor. If it’s too hard to go straight down, you can put your knees down first!

    Once on the floor, put your hands below your shoulders and push your upper body up. If your lower back starts hurting, then lower down slightly.



    Push up into downward dog. Do your best to keep your back and legs straight. It’s okay if your feet aren’t completely flat on the floor!

    Finally, walk yourself back until you are standing straight, arms over your head. Slowly lower them, placing them over your heart if you wish. Congrats! You’ve completed your first asana! 


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