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    Your 10 Minutes Of Yoga For Today

        One of my favorite things about waking up (besides coffee) is my morning yoga. I teach adaptive yoga online, but this daily practice is Me Time. I’ve fielded questions from people on what a daily routine might look like. I offered one practice earlier, but here’s another 10-minute beginner practice!

    1. Sit down with your legs crossed, as you are able. Keep your back straight; imagine a cord of energy running from the crown of your head, connecting you to the universe.
    2. Sweep your hands over your head, pressing them together at the top. Repeat three times. On the third repetition, bring them down to heart center.
    3. Sweep your left arm over your head. Press your right hand to the floor, and stretch to your right. 
    4. Sweep your right arm over your head. Press your left hand to the floor, and stretch to your left.
    5. Move to table top position (on your hands and knees). Begin cat-cow sequences: inhale, arch your back up and look up; exhale, flex your back down and look down. Repeat this five times.
    6. Press your toes into the floor and lift into downward dog: back straight, legs as straight as possible, butt pointed up.
    7. Pedal your feet up and down while in downward dog. 
    8. Lift your left leg back and up. Keep it straight, or bend it. Now, bring your knee in towards your nose. Lift it back up. Repeat three times, then switch legs and repeat.
    9. Lower your knees down, so you’re back in tabletop position. 
    10. Return to seated position. Namaste!

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