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    Young MA Once Directed An Adult Film

    Everyone in Hollywood has to get their start somewhere. Rapper Young MA is definitely making a name for herself in the rap industry. She’s even become a business woman. Not only has Young MA set her career in motion with the release of her hit 2016 single “Ooouuu.” She’s also ventured into directing adult films. Not only does Young MA have a future in rapping but also the film industry.

    Young MA Makes Her Directorial Debut Thanks To Pornhub

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    via VICE

    Becoming a superstar rapper doesn’t just mean spitting bars and making killer freestyles. As Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B have demonstrated, rappers have to sign lucrative deals.

    While striving to become a huge female rap star, Young MA has also ventured into the world of filming. In fact, the rapper was tapped by Pornhub to direct a lesbian adult film called “The Gift” in 2018.

    Furthermore, Young MA’s film was apart of Pornhub’s “Visionaries Directors’ Club” initiative, which featured “original pornographic films from creative minds of all kinds.” The adult film database sought to diversify porn production and content. In particular, they strived for the inclusivity of women in their films.

    Young MA couldn’t contain her excitement over the 2018 project. “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Pornhub on the production of The Gift,” the rapper said during her press release. The star was obviously the right person to direct the adult film.

        The Female Rapper Reveals Her “Coming Out” Story

    adult film
    via Our Magazine

    In her press release for her adult film “The Gift,” Young MA also shared that she wanted to “craft a story true to herself.” By that, the rapper alludes to her sexual identity. A few years before, the rapper revealed her “coming out” story, having spent years hiding that she identified as a lesbian. She had especially been afraid to tell her mother at the time.

    Though, when she finally gained the courage to tell everyone at age 18, it made life easier for the rapper. She even received plenty of attention from the ladies. More importantly, though, her music career skyrocketed. During a 2017 interview with The Guardian, Young MA stated, “Music is my expression . . .  This is where I’m going to speak about my sexuality. I’ve held it in for so long, now I can express it.” It’s clear to see where Young MA received her inspiration for the adult film.


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