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Miley Cyrus Sure

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You Got Milk? Well, Miley Cyrus Sure Does!

Fashion statements are often made by celebrity icons, well now it’s Miley Cyrus turn!!

“Hannah Montana” Disney Star Miley Cyrus premiered new music on Saturday Night Live recently decked out in a loose jacket and fashionable pants donning no shirt underneath and plenty of athletic abs!!

Miley also appeared, with past best known, long golden tresses; as opposed to the short cropped hair she had been known for as late. She appeared singing recent release ” Nothing Breaks Like A Heart”. She was accompanied by Mark Ronson. Later in the set, she also performed a song featuring the late John Lennon’s (The Beatles) son, Sean Lennon. Also commendable in this well-publicized appearance, was that Miley Cyrus chose to have a fresh look sporting barely any makeup, all the way nude?? Round of Applause! Audiences are going wild and are on fire from Twitter and on! Way to go Miley Cyrus!!

What do you think? Is she on the dawn of a fashion revolution? Please comment below and in other style news, keep it locked to!

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