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    You Can Now Get Drunk As Fuck On A Beer Airline In 2019

    If boozin’ and flyin’ are two things you’ve always wanted to mix, then you’ll love BrewDog’s new beer airline!

    According to sources, UK-based company BrewDog will be launching the world’s first craft beer airline in February 2019. Unfortunately, this is only a one-time promotion for the company, but you will be able to enjoy your favorite craft beers as well as food and entertainment.

    The drunken journey will be taking place during a round trip between London to Columbus, Ohio. But the fun doesn’t end there. After landing, BrewDog will escort you and 240 other passengers to their hotel–also filled with beer–where you get to stay for four outta pocket nights.

    Flights will take place between February 21-25. However, it’s a trip reserved for the 90,000 people who crowdfunded the project. But fear not, BrewDog will be providing tickets to the lucky few for the public as well. All that’s required from you dear reader is to follow BrewDog’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social media accounts.

    What are your thoughts? Is this something for you? Please comment below and in other culture, news and gossip, visit here.

    Happy travels!


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