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    YG Arrested After Police Raid His Home In LA

    YG Weekend is off to a bad start, as the rapper was arrested early Friday morning

    YG was arrested this morning after police performed a raid on his LA home. The rapper was taken into custody and is being charged with robbery, according to XXLMAG.

    The Compton rapper has had frequent run-ins with the police in the last year. TMZ first reported that a Vehicle belonging to YG was involved in a police chase in July. During the chase, a 65- year-old man was shot and killed by someone in the vehicle.  Additionally, a police deputy was wounded during the incident, but YG denied involvement.

    In a Twitter post, YG said he was “nowhere near the scene” at the time of the event and that he was in the studio recording when everything went down. The police raided his house following the police chase, but the rapper wasn’t there for that raid.

    Things didn’t get better for YG once the new year started either, as the rapper was robbed on News Year Eve. Allegedly over $400,000 worth of Jewelry was taken from his hotel room that evening and has not been recovered.

    Police have not released the cause of the raid that took place today. However, its a fact that YG has been arrested and will soon have his day in court to face robbery charges. The Rapper was being held on $250,000 bail as of this afternoon, but that will probably be posted soon.

    Check back for updates regarding this situation.

    What do you guys think YG was arrested for, though? Was it from the police chase or something else?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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