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    Ye’s New Wife: Who’s Bianca Censori?

    Controversial rapper Ye has ruffled quite a few feathers in Hollywood, including his ex wife Kim Kardashian. He’s even gone as far as harassing his wife and sabotaging her love life. The guy knows no bounds.

    Though, he somehow has free range to move on with his life. Recently, the Donda rapper secretly married his employee Bianca Censori. Though, for once, not all the attention is on Ye this time. Instead, fans are dying to know just who is Bianca Censori.

    She’s An Architect At Heart

    A few weeks back, reports started circulating about the rapper having gone missing. Turns out, the Donda star was secretly getting married off to one of his employees. Recently, the rap star tied the knot with Yeezy designer Bianca Censori. Furthermore, the alleged married couple have been spotted together in Italy, basking in their new love.

    Though, everyone can’t help but wonder who Ye’s new alleged wife is. Sources have so far gathered that Censori has worked at Yeezy as an architectural designer since 2020. Eventually, she got promoted to head designer. Looks like her BA and MA in architecture from the University of Melbourne in Australia came in handy. Additionally, she worked as a student architect at the DT Toscano Architects from July 2017 to June 2020. Clearly, she has a very impressive resume. It’s no wonder one of the biggest rap stars hired her to work at Yeezy.

    Bianca Censori Worked As A Business Owner

    Apart from her pursuing a career in Architecture, Censori also had an interest in jewelry. Previously, the Australian native was a business owner and operated a jewelry company Nylons Jewellry from 2013 to 2017. Unfortunately, the company no longer appears operational at this time. Clearly, she traded one passion for another.

    She Has No Social Media

    While the tabloids and media have photos of her everywhere, the Australian native can’t be tracked down on social media. According to Censori’s LinkedIn page, all of her social media accounts have all been deactivated. For such a high-profile figure, she’s a very private person. It makes sense that she and Ye allegedly married in secret.

    All in all, Bianca Censori comes off as a very impressive individual. Beauty and brains, who could ask for a better combination.


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