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    Ye Forced To Pay $200K In Child Support

    Ye may have tried his hardest to get his family back together, but he did so unsuccessfully. Instead, the controversial rapper has driven a hard wedge between him and his ex Kim Kardashian. His relationship with his kids is strained at best. It only gets worse for the rapper though. Unfortunately for Ye, he’ll have to pay $200K in child support. Talk about hard times. 

    Finalizing The Divorce Details

    This week, Ye and Kim K. finalized their divorce. Furthermore, the two signed a prenuptial in order for their assets to be split equally. Luckily, there won’t be any fighting over that ruling. Additionally, neither will be granted spousal support in the divorce. 

    However, there’s one aspect the famous parents won’t have shared responsibility over. According to both People and TMZ, Ye will have to pay $200 in child support a month. After all that Ye has done to his family and kids, the amount makes complete sense. 

    They Will Have To Work Together

    While Ye has been subjected to paying thousands of dollars in child support, he also needs to be an active parent in his children’s lives. In fact, the court ruled that both parents will be responsible for the well being and future of their four children. 

    Moreover, both Ye and Kim K. must cover their children’s educational and security expenses. Though, if the two have a disagreement regarding their children, they have to participate in a meditation. However, if one parent is absent, then the other gets to make all the decisions. 

    Despite the fact that the former couple had one of the most high-profile breakups in Hollywood, their divorce settlement surprisingly turned out well. Let’s just hope that both parties can at least learn to cooperate with each other. 



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