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    YBN Cordae Arrested For Protesting For Breonna Taylor

    YBN Cordae was arrested during a protest for Police murder victim Breonna Taylor.

    YBN Cordae was one of 100 prosecutors arrested in Kentucky Protesting for Justice in the Name of Breonna Taylor. The protestors were on the Attorney General of Kentucky, Daniel Cameron’s front lawn shouting for justice. Police were told to remove the people, and those who refused including YBN cordae, were arrested.

    Justice for Breonna Taylor, that what protestors are seeking in Kentucky, and some people are willing to go to jail for it. Rapper YBN Cordae is one of those people and him being arrested shows that is more than just music.

    The young emcee debut album is complete with lyrics, great production, and a wisdom beyond his years. As the hip-hop community continues to show that the fight for social justice is not just a fad, it is a reminder of what the art form started as.

    When Hip-Hop first began it was an way of expressing the times and experiences of the inner city. What drew fans to it was the smooth way rappers like the Sugar Hill gang and others told stories of the “ghetto”.

    Rappers today are showing that are more than just musical artist, and are taking up roles as activist. Lil Baby’s the bigger picture is just one of the many songs made during the recent protest.

    This generation is ready, they are hungry for change they have the information from the past, and the youth for the future.

    YBN cordae being arrested seems like a insignifigant act, but it one that shows dedication. Even more, Cordae took time of his day to commit to be place under arrest, all in the name of justice.  Maybe just one of his nearly 2 million followers on Instagram will get inspiration and decide to make change .

    What do you guy think of YBN cordae being arrested? Will he go back out to protest when he gets out?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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