Yandhi Gets Confirmed Release Date by Kim Kardashian

Yandhi Gets

‘Yandhi’ was set to release on September 29th but never dropped. The internet was in a frenzy to get new Kanye Music but was let down this past weekend. Kim Kardashian saved the day and gave the people and tweeted publicly the confirmed release date of November 23 for the album. “TRUST ME,” she said. “it is worth the wait.”

The weekend of Black Friday is when we can expect ‘Yandhi’ to be available worldwide. Kanye went to TMZ yesterday to talk more about the delay and what efforts went into creating the record. Check that video out below. Kanye has been busy with sneaker releases as of recent, so it’s understandable as to why there’s a delay. He’s also working to get his newest basketball shoe approved by the NBA, so we get it. We’ll just take Kim’s word for it and be patient.


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