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    Yan Stavisski Is Helping Thousands Of People Achieve Financial Freedom

    Yan Stavisski has had a wild ride to financial freedom. Once deep in debt, the serial entrepreneur helps thousands of young individuals learn how to leverage Credit. “My personal financial crisis led me to this point because I’ve experienced the worst of being financially illiterate,” said Yan. “I can relate and understand what 90% of the population is going through and how they can change that so this gives me the power to give people belief and a vision that they can do the same exact thing.”

    Coming back from over 100 thousand dollars in debt, Yan has learned a thing or two about Credit. He founded a company called King Credit LLC that focuses on teaching the younger generations about leveraging Credit. His goal is to help as many people as he can achieve financial freedom. The company has reportedly already helped thousands of individuals achieve their financial goals. One of his offerings includes information on “Travel Hacking”, a method that uses multiple different credit cards to travel worldwide on miles earned by Credit. “Starting King Credit has been my greatest achievement thus far,” said Yan. “It is that way because of the massive positive impact on people and the amount of lives that are changed due to my efforts.”

    Yan’s current focus is scaling the business even further while also getting into the real estate market. He said, “going forward; my main focus is continuous scaling of the business. I’m also focused on real estate and am working hard to acquire as much as possible. The passive cash flow is what will create wealth and freedom.”

    Yan is currently using his “travel hacking” methods to travel the world. He posts educational content to his Instagram as much as possible, using it as his main platform to connect with his audience. He’s also verified on TikTok, amassing a large following on the app.

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