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    Wuzy Bambussy Takes You “2 Miles High” with Latest Single

    Wuzy Bambussy’s latest single, “2 Miles High.” Sets the tone for a year-long musical journey with monthly releases of new tracks. The song effortlessly blends the organic and electronic worlds with muted guitars, jazzy double bass, and atmospheric vibes. Accompanied by the sultry mezzo-soprano of Bristolian chanteuse Kat Harrison, the song is a slice of slinky, stepping funk that sets the stage for what’s to come.

    This single is just the beginning of a collaboration between producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Nikolai Jones and Kat Harrison. The two have spent countless recording sessions concocting dreamy, jazzy alt-pop and indie beats accompanied by lush orchestral strings and warm brass motifs. Based in England’s West Country, Jones, and his team create an eclectic, beatific soundtrack that showcases their mastery of funk, indie, and electronica.

    “2 Miles High” is essential for a fresh take on organic and electronic fusion. With more releases to come, Wuzy Bambussy is sure to keep us hooked throughout the year.


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