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    WTF: Wendy Williams Is Not Here For R. Kelly Going To Jail!

    Let’s be clear. Wendy Williams believes that R. Kelly is guilty, but jail won’t help him.

    While R. Kelly shocked the masses with his first interview on CBS with Gayle King, Wendy Williams took the chance to chime in! During her show on Thursday (Mar. 7), she insisted that prison won’t rehabilitate the singer.

    Although she stated that he should have not done the interview, she believes that “This is not just Robert Kelly. This is a whole stable of people that he had involved. And it’s not just R. Kelly, this is going on around our country, he is just bringing light to something so that people get exposed. it’s just terrible.” 

    Don’t believe us? Watch the clip below.

    While the world is against him, there is something to be said about the culture around men in power who are convicted of sexual assault and absurd correlated behaviors. While Kevin Spacey is on trial for sexual assault incidents, his reputation has not suffered. Let me also add that there have been readers on our very site defending his honor in our comment section. So, yes Kevin Spacey is still on our radar! 

    But, the solution is simple. Every man or woman, that is, who has been found guilty of sexual assault should be treated equally. We have to remove their legacy, profession, work, career, age, and race from the debate. But, then again what do I know. It’s just a thought.

    What do you all believe? Does Wendy Williams make a good point? Please drop a comment below and for breaking news and gossip, keep it locked to!


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