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    WTF: Drug Dealer, Clauvino da Silva, Who Dressed Up As Girl To Avoid Prison Found Dead!

    Well…This all happened so quickly to Clauvino da Silva

    The Brazilian drug lord that tried to escape prison by dressing up as his 19-year-old daughter has been found dead.
    According to Rio Times, Clauvino da Silva hung himself on Tuesday at a Rio de Janeiro prison.
    His death came just days after his attempt to walk out of the penitentiary dressed as his daughter.

    Clauvino da Silva made headlines around the world when he dressed in a silicone mask and items of women’s clothing in his attempt to break out of prison.
    Investigators are thinking whether relatives and friends who had visited da Silva, including his 19-year-old daughter, had smuggled the items he used for the attempted prison break.

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    HU Staff: Kecia Gayle @Kecia.Kae A Brazilian gang leader’s plan to escape out of jail went completely wrong. According to multiple reports, Clauvino da Silva, also known as "Shorty, recently tried to leave the detention facility in the western part of Rio de Janeiro by dressing up as his 19-year-old daughter. ___________________________________________________ While he managed to get pass a few guards, prison officials said the nervousness displayed on Silva as he tried to exit on Saturday gave him away. Rio's State Secretary of Prison Administration released photos showing Silva in a silicon girl's mask and long dark-haired wig, wearing tight jeans and a pink shirt with a donuts image. ___________________________________________________ They also released a video in which Silva can be seen removing the mask and some of the clothes, and revealing his full name. After the failed escape, da Silva was transferred to a unit of a maximum-security prison and will face disciplinary sanctions, according to officials. ___________________________________________________ Read more at, link ain bio! 📸: @abcnews

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    After the failed escape, he was transferred to a unit in a maximum-security prison.

    Police are currently launching an investigation into Clauvino da Silva’s alleged suicide.

    Consequently, he was a part of a huge criminal organization in Brazil called the Red Command and was serving a 74-year sentence.
    It was not his first attempted escape. In 2013, he and 30 other inmates fled a prison through the sewers.
    But, da Silva was later caught, the BBC reported.
    In conclusion, he is currently in Brazilian drug lord heaven.
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