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    Woolly Mammoth Teams Up With Weissberg Foundation For New Program

    D.C. based theater company Woolly Mammoth launches a new three year program. They will be called the Weissberg Commissions. These commissions will offer financial support to writers, directors, designers, choreographers, and other generative artists. Therefore, the hope is that the Weissberg Commissions will support creation of new works with a connection to the D.C. area.

    What Weissberg Brings to the Table

    The commissions are gaining sponsorship from the Weissberg Foundation, hence their name. According to their website, the Weissberg Foundation’s mission is to “advance organizations and efforts building power of those most negatively impacted by racism,” through “funding, amplification, capacity building, and collaboration,” in the DMV area. Thus, the foundation is fulfilling part of their mission by funding new works at Woolly.

    In an article by American Theatre, Sonia Fernandez was excited to announce this news. Fernandez is Woolly Mammoth’s director of new work. In fact, this is the first formal commissioning program for the Woolly Mammoth theater company.

    The American Theatre publication describes the Weissberg Commissions as consisting of full commissions, seed commissions, and finishing commissions. They will range from five thousand to twenty five thousand dollars per project. 

    The Fund for Diversity in Theater

    Previously, the Weissberg Foundation collaborated with Woolly Mammoth through their August 2016 through August 2019 Fund for Diversity in Theater. It is a primary goal of the foundation and the Fund for Diversity in Theater to make theater in the greater D.C. area more accessible to a broad range of audiences. Therefore, the fund consisted of one million dollars pledged to four theater companies. Adventure Theatre MTC, GALA Hispanic Theatre, Mosaic Theater Company of DC, and Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company were the companies involved.

    What Does Woolly Stand For

    According to the Woolly Mammoth website, the mission of the theater company is as follows:

    “Woolly Mammoth produces courageous and invigorating new work to radically redefine theatre as a catalyst for an equitable, creative, and engaged society.”

    Additionally, the Weissberg Foundation has previously supported Woolly Mammoth’s internal operations. Woolly and the Weissberg Commissions now reunite for an exciting collaboration that they can share with theater makers in the DMV area.

    Interested in Woolly? Check out Woolly Mammoth on Instagram.


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