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    Woods Loves Kardashian Leftovers!!! James Harden

    Khloe Kardashian has had plenty of ups and downs in 2019. Now it seems that she’s about to be in the middle of more scandal.

    Ever since being ex-communicated from the Kardashian empire, Jordyn Woods has been living her best life. Woods has moved on with her life ever since getting caught up in the drama. It all seemingly started with the drift between Khloe and NBA player Tristan Thompson. Jordyn was the scapegoat for why the couple did not work out. Now it seems that Woods love Kardashian leftovers, as it’s believed that she may be dealing with NBA superstar James Harden.

    Woods Love Kardashian Leftovers

    At the moment it seems that another storyline will be brewing for the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Khloe previously dated James Harden for a short period several years ago. Out of all people, it seems like a bitter move for Woods to even consider being in the same space as one of Khloe’s ex. Overall it just spells disaster and creates plenty of gossip.

    On Wednesday night people captured the 21-year-old model hanging with Harden at the Belle Station in Houston. Furthermore, Woods was smoking hookah in a VIP section busting it up with Khloe‘s ex. Just last week we learned that Woods would also be the lead lady in Rick Ross‘s newest music video. Above all, it’s safe to say that she has taken the moment of opportunity to get her name out in the world of entertainment.

    In addition, several reports back from February alleged that she and Harden were hanging out.

    In conclusion, does it seem that Woods love Kardashian leftovers? How does Khloe feel? Who else from Khloe past has Woods slept with? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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