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    Women in Rap: Is Plastic Surgery The Ticket To Industry Success?

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    To be a female emcee is equivalent to conquering hip-hip as women are minorities in the rap industry. Men dominate the hip-hop industry, utilizing the likeness of women because sex sells. This new generation’s societal standard to achieve perfection stirs insecurities.

    It is unfortunate that women in the industry who are actually selling records, are usually voluptuous and vulgar. On the contrary, music seekers overlook women with natural bodies and natural hair. In today’s culture, female lyricists who are born with butt, hips bust, are apart of the lucky few, for example Meg Thee Stallion. She is beautiful, possessing a gift of lyricism who is sinuously curvy—the perfect paradigm. How did it come to this? This is not a usual norm for early hip hop for female emcees.

    A Brief History Of The Women Through Rap History

    There are female pioneers who help shape hip-hop as a culture, not just representing women. For example, MC Lyte. She is the first female emcee to release a solo album, according to DiscoverMusic. She is one of the first hip-hop artists to deny censorship in her lyrics. MC Lyte spit bold lyrics that did not signify modesty when referring to her attraction to the opposite sex. Though her lyrics are raw, they are not over-sexualized in vulgarity. There was no need enhance their figures or wear extensions because they existed amongst a different generation of men. A time when men, women and respect were recipes to virtuousness. Through the years, as more and more female rappers emerge, lyrics get raunchier and bodies get thicker.

    Female Rapper Versus Plastic Surgery

    It’s not the fact that there is something wrong with having plastic surgery. However, the fad is becoming a normal for not only female emcees but for select sector of women. Because female rappers are an identifiable source of entertainment for women, the fad upholds idolization. But why? Let’s talk about Popdust’s comparison of rappers like Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea who have gained walloping success after altering their bodies. Theoretically, the data proves true as the charts state facts of the rapper’s evolution of success.

    Iggy explains that plastic surgery is an escape from parts she dislikes about herself. Examining success, plastic surgery and how it can be interchangeable, is a stigma that continues to prove today’s standard and demands of sex appeal.


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