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    Women in History Month: Day 3, Issa Rae

    issa rae engagedMarch is here and that means March Madness, but also National Women’s History Month. Women are ethereal beings, for those who find their powers, they make history. Since the beginning of time, there are women rulers who dance through high school history books. Rulers like female Egyptian Pharaoh, Hatshepsut (‘foremost of noblewomen’). According to History Hit, she is one of the most successful Pharaohs in Egyptian history.

    Fast forward to modern day America, there are women who are making tomorrow’s history. At the beginning of picture making in Hollywood, women are still main focal points in film. Many women are famous for their on screen acting skills, which is absolutely plausible. However, actual filmmaking is a male dominated industry, again, subjecting women to being minorities. Rebel women in film who imagine dynamic concepts and bring them to life are representatives of how dominating female film talent can be. If there is one brilliant mind, there are billions of others.

    Issa Rae Puts ‘We’ in Women

    Issa Rae is a powerhouse in the art of picture making. The is the epitome of a Capricorn—a hard working, record-breaking sister. In other words, she is collecting all her fans, and coins.

    Her infectious sense of humor and tenacity brings her the attention of folks who love a little gossip and a good laugh. According to The Atlantic, Issa’s fame weighs heavy from her HBO sensation dramedy, “Insecure”. Because the show gained so much traction, the show lasted for five consecutive seasons. Besides breaking national television, Rae broke YouTube before anything. Basking in the overwhelming acceptance that female filmmakers can’t do it, she uses YouTube as her platform. Miss Rae’s career starts with YouTube hit, “The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl.” Undoubtedly, the show gave the star her big break. She carries in a multitude of nominations and awards that prove she is a motif in the modern film and television industry. For National Women’s History Month, we celebrate Issa Rae.


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