“Ain’t I a Woman” …who will never be President?

Aint I a Woman

I remember thinking it was all a joke when he announced that he was running for President. “President of these United States?” I chuckled to myself. We all chuckled. We laughed and we forgot and then we watched him win the Republican nomination.

That January, he was sworn into office.

It’s strange for me because I sort of always knew the outcome before it flashed across my screen earlier in November. Life didn’t change immediately for me then, but a part of me that had learned to embrace the chocolate-hue of my skin took a drastic hit. The black girl that attended an HBCU where, just months before, the first black President in America delivered a powerful Commencement Address, suddenly questioned her worth and completely rejected her visibility.

I’ve always been a black woman, but this decision that millions of Americans made forced me to focus on myself for the latter of the two.

In my opinion, Hillary Clinton, aside from Candidate Bernie Sanders, was the most qualified option for the job. The former Secretary of State, former New York Senator, former First Lady of the United States, graduate of Yale Law and three-time Democratic nominee for President lost to an under-qualified business man. America was presented with a woman who has proposed, passed and vetoed bills, yet they chose the guy who doesn’t pay his.

That day I realized what I didn’t know I had forgotten. Discrimination is way more than skin-deep. It is very possible that no matter how much more qualified for the job I am, I could still be passed up for it simply because I am a woman.

Everyday, I watch the news and headlines.

Alternative Facts.
Trump’s Wall.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The Mexico City Policy.

The Dakota Access Pipeline.

Hush the EPA.

God have mercy on America.

By Judayah Murray


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