Woman Was Found Dead After Being Left And Trapped In Elevator for A Month

Woman Was

You would think this is a scene from a horror movie but, it is real life.

A woman identified in news reports only by her surname Wu, was found dead and trapped in an elevator after a month.

The building, where she lived by herself on the 15th floor, had elevator issues so two repairmen turned off the power on Jan. 30, New York Times reports. The repairmen shouted to check to see if anyone was inside but heard no reply and failed to double check to make sure no one was there.

Because of this mistake, Ms. Wu died a lonely, trapped death within the elevator.

“What if the management staff had gone to look inside the elevator before shutting off the power? Would this tragedy have happened?” asked a newspaper published in the eastern province of Zhejiang. It was one of dozens of newspaper and Internet commentaries lamenting the accident.

This incident is one of several that have caused uproars in terms of management conditions in China’s cities.

Police are still trying to determine who and when Wu died.

“The local police are investigating when and why she entered the elevator, and why the property management and residents all stated they were unaware,” said the report.


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