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Woman Avoids Jail Time After Killing Infant Child

A woman is free to go home, after she accidentally killed her baby.

A judge sentenced 31-year-old Samantha Jones to just three years of probation, after her 11-month-old son died of a drug overdose.

Apparently, Jones was feeling too lazy to get up and make her son a bottle of formula, so she chose to breastfeed him instead–despite there being drugs in her system. The incident happened on April 2, 2018, in Pennsylvania. It wasn’t until after Jones awoke from a nap that her problems of a crying baby had escalated. Reportedly, Jones awoke to find her son pale and sick.

It wasn’t until then that Jones then rushed the sick infant to the hospital. Unfortunately doctors were not able to save the baby. He was pronounced dead just a short time later, the results of a drug overdose. Autopsy reports state that the child had traces of methadone, amphetamine, and methamphetamine in his system.

Today, the woman is escaping with minor punishment. After accepting a plea deal, Hollywood Unlocked reports that a judge has given her three years of probabation and 100 hours of community service.

Thoughts? Do you think this is a fair punishment? Leave your comments below.

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Featured Image Credit: NCB Philadelphia

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