Wiz Khalifa Looks To ‘Stranger Things’ For His Latest Single

Wiz Khalifa Looks

Wiz Khalifa Looks-1
Wiz Khalifa pays homage to Netflix’s new hit sci-fi series ‘Stranger Things” with his latest single featuring J.R. Donato.

As the follow up to his High Road Tour, Wiz Khalifa must of had some free time to tune in, binge on Netflix and find some inspiration to pen a song. With production from E. Dan, Big Jerm, and Sayez, the track features notable samples from the show’s theme music adding to the overall appeal. With a cameo from Taylor Gang’s J.R. Donato, Wiz returns to his classic west coast sound, fueled by clever wordplay and ambiguous thought provoking lyrics, we are excited to hear the new Taylor Gang mixtape. But until then check out the track here.


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