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    Wiz Khalifa Songs To Vibe To On 4/20

    There is no better holiday for smoking weed and listening to Wiz Khalifa than 4/20. Wiz Khalifa has been making hits about cannabis since before it was legal. Check out this list of six of the chillest Wiz Khalifa songs for burning trees.

    1. Some Good Vibrations

    Wiz Khalifa hosts the best smoke sessions. That is because Khalifa treats his ladies how he would like to be treated. “Let ‘em get as wild as she want/I don’t tame her.”

    2. No Bammer Weed

    RBL Posse once rapped in ‘92, “We smoke weed not bammer sh*t/Damn, that bammer ain’t no good.” In 2020, Khalifa agrees. “Don’t give me no bammer joint/If it’s in my bag, know the grass on point!”

    3. Wiz Khalifa is One of the Originals

    Khalifa ushers in a new era for chivalry and community activism with his stoner anctics. “We don’t do it ‘less the whole gang benefit/We stoned gentleman.” Stoned or not, it is a good thing that gentlemen of some variety still exist.

    4. I’ma Roll It

    Khalifa’s lyrics are a reminder that it is not a waste of time to get out there and socialize. In fact, it is often vital. “You be stuck in the house too long/Never really have fun/You feel like it’s wrong/But it ain’t though.”

    5. Wiz Khalifa is Always Smoking Fire

    Khalifa has been hip to the potential positives of marijuana consumption for some time. Now that it is legal, he is still happy to supply the green. “Just say [Wiz Khalifa] if you wanna smoke.”

    6. Set in Stone

    Khalifa may be stoned, but he is not sloppy. The key to success for him is apparently smoking copious amounts of marijuana. “I never give nothin’ less than my best/You can tell by the way that I’m dressed.”



    1. If I understand things correctly…. From here on out, I am to say….
      “Let’s Wiz Khalifa, Wiz Khalifa, Wiz Khalifa… But leave that bammer weed alone!”

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