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    The Build Up: NBA 2016 Part 1

    Over the last couple of years, the NBA has truly elevated the game above just pure talent. The owners along with the commissioner has been able to take advantage of the dramatic twist and turns of the players to create rivalry and drama. Expect it to be no different this time around as the official start of the regular seasons looms less then a month away. While the storylines for this upcoming season reminds me of a soap opera, it’s almost inevitable to not be excited for what’s to come.

    Wade’s Homecoming
    Wade in Chicago is an interesting fit, we never thought that the Marquette player would ever have the courage to walk away from the Heat Organization. After all, he did win three championships along with a finals MVP in Miami. Even with all of the accomplishments that Wade achieved, it still goes to show you that Pride sometimes is worth holding on to.  The 5th overall pick in the 2003 draft, has proven to be worthy of respect in just about every aspect of his game. Even with his injuries causing him to be sideline on specific nights, Wade is a proven leader on and off the court. With Wade’s leadership ability, Rondo’s skillset, and Jimmy Butler’s emergence as a star, this may prove to be a challenge for Cleveland on all levels.  The Chicago native has plenty of support from his hometown to compete in the East.

    Legion Of Doom
    Every now and then, something massive comes along that sparks the interest of controversy. Last year it was if LeBron James could carry Cleveland to be Golden State with a healthy squad. In nail biting fashion “King James” did just that by beating the 2015 Champs in seven games. The celebration of Cleveland winning it’s beloved championship was short lived after news spread of Durant signing with the Western Conference champs the Warriors. Golden State looks to send a clear message that they have no desire to be merciful by any extent this season. Monday’s night game against the Clipper’s proved to be just that with landslide victory 120-75. With the core clicking on all cylinders, it’s going to be a brutal season for teams all around the league. The addition of Kevin Durant puts the Warriors in position to be the favors to take home the title.

    The Cyborg at will 
    It was heartbreaking to see the duo of Durant and Westbrook split after blowing a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference finals last season. With the departure of Durant, it leaves little to no room for error amongst the Thunder locker room. The chosen one has consistently showed his passion on and off the court since entering the NBA. Now with Westbrook being the undisputed leader of the franchise, it’s presents another twist in the heavy talented Western Conference. Russell has always had killer instinct, and looks to utilize all aspects of his game on all levels.


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