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    Wish Me Luck Defines The Black Mafia Family Saga

    BMF and Hip-Hop Is The Perfect Marriage 

    Understanding Black Mafia Family’s value to hip-hop and pop culture, 50 Cent released a hard-hitting track, “Wish Me Luck,” featuring Snoop Dogg, Moneybagg Yo, and Charlie Wilson. Creating a song that defines the Black Mafia Family’s ambition, relentlessness, and business acumen could only be accomplished by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson 

    In addition to being a hip-hop icon and business mogul, he without a doubt has supreme street credibility. Listening to the record in real-time, I feel like I’m riding in the car with “Big Meech” and “Southwest T” operating a multimillion-dollar drug cartel.  

    The Genius of Moneybagg Yo 

    Merging drug dealer stories with classic hip-hop bars, particularly with Moneybagg Yo’s signature southern rap flow, equals a certified street anthem. Having legendary R&B, Charlie Wilson bless “Wish Me Luck” with his vocals as well as adds the perfect balance of soul and grit.  

    Without any question, Snoop’s storytelling on “Wish Me Luck” feels like his flow on his debut album “Doggystyle”. Possessing the ability to create lyrics that stir multiple emotions and paint vivid images of street dreams shows Snoop Dogg’s creative brilliance.  

    “Wish Me Luck” takes the Flenory brothers’ story to the next level with its hard-hitting lines. Additionally, it portrays reality through the eye of the drug game. The track rides the wave of momentum from the theme song “Part of the Game”. Thus, proving that 50 Cent’s musical impact on youth culture is undeniable.  

    50 Cent is Hollywood’s King Maker 

    Unyielding on his path to reprogram and redefine traditional TV, while transforming the narrative of Black Hollywood. Unquestionably since the beginning of his career, 50 Cent has always been the underdog. Still, he never asked for a handout. When “Power” premiered on TV, his “Green Light Gang” movement was created. It resulted in an entirely new consumer base for STARZ.  

    He is the only rapper/actor to create, finance, and direct multiple #1 TV shows on a premium subscription-based platform. Increasing a company’s profits is one thing; multiplying its demographic audience and reach makes 50 Cent a legitimate “King Maker” 

    Listen to the Black Mafia Family’s vision here. 


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