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    Willow Smith Reveals The Torment She Faced For Listening To Pop-Punk

    Even in Hollywood, famous kids have a hard time fitting in with the popular crowd. Recently, Willow Smith revealed that she’d been bullied for listening to pop-punk music. The famous daughter luckily learned to ignore the haters. Eventually, the star began to accept herself and her musical taste. Now she’s sharing her story with other black women who listen to alternative rock music. Furthermore, Willow Smith encourages others like her that it’s okay to be different.

                Willow Smith Experienced Bullying At School For Listening To Pop-Punk Music

    via Insider

    School can be tough to navigate for kids these days. Even celebrity kids aren’t immune to the pressures of school and fitting in. Willow Smith certainly experienced her fair share of torment in her school days.

    Moreover, the child star spoke with V Magazine about how kids made fun of her for listening to musical acts like My Chemical Romance and Paramore. “[B]eing a Black woman in the metal crowd differs greatly from the pressures the music industry puts on you. Now, it’s like an added pressure of the metal culture, the metal world, and just rock in general,” the star told V Magazine. Clearly, the starlet experienced a difficult time in school. Arguably, anyone should be allowed to listen to whatever they want, including pop-punk music.

    The Child Star Embraces Her Inner Rock Star

    via Loudwire

    Fortunately, Willow Smith learned not to listen to the haters. The child star, all grown-up, has embraced her inner rock star. Recently, the actor and singer announced her plans to release “the kind of music she wants to make.”

    Offering a taste of what’s to come, Willow Smith just released the rock track “Transparent Soul” featuring Blink-182’s drummer Travis Barker. More importantly, she challenged the status quo of the pop-punk scene. “Just through the music that I’m putting out right now and the representation that I can bring to the mix. I just hope that the Black girls listening to my music and album see that there’s more of us out there,” the star told V Magazine. One things for sure, Willow Smith definitely has changed the culture.


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