Willow Smith For Chanel’s Eyewear Campaign is HUGE

Willow Smith

Yesterday, Willow Smith made a big announcement with her new deal as the face of Chanel in her fall 2016 eyewear campaign. She partnered with Chanel back in March at the Fall 2016 fashion show.

This was a huge deal for Chanel for Willow Smith! The last time Chanel used a model with dreads was back in 2012. And you guessed it… the dreads weren’t even real! The models had fake white deadlock, according to creative director, Karl Lagerfeld who said that the look was inspired by “India”, who hasn’t even been to India.

However, we congratulate Willow Smith for being a women of color, the face of Chanel and rocking her natural deadlocks. Lets hope that Chanel and many other high fashion designers do the same.


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