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    William Barr Crowns Donald Trump King

    Calls for impeachment have begun again — this time, it’s not for Donald Trump. People are calling for the impeachment of attorney general William Barr.

    Trump stated through Twitter that the criminal prosecution of long time friend and adviser Roger Stone “was horrible and unfair.”

    In November of 2019, Stone was convicted of witness tampering, lying to investigators, obstruction of an official proceeding, and lying to Congress.

    Monday, prosecutors requested a sentence under federal guidelines of 7-9 years.

    Immediately Trump said on twitter, “cannot allow this miscarriage of justice.” Many assumed a pardon was coming.

    Within hours attorney general called for the prosecutors to seek a lighter sentence, in turn, sparking a firestorm across the nation.

    Barr’s request caused a prosecutor on the case to resign from the case and the Department Of Justice.

    Also, senator Kamala Harris is now calling on senator Lindsey Graham to investigate Attorney General Barr.

    Crooked Friends In The Highest Places

    Many are asking what the law is? How does it work in the United States? One would assume that America is a republic, and the united states a Democracy.

    The circumvention of America’s laws has become bolder after the acquittal of Donald Trump in the Republican-held Senate.

    The idea is that the attorney generals office is to be an independent branch of the government.

    The Attorney General in charge of the Judicial branch cannot take orders from the Executive branch. If it does, it could create a dictatorship.

    Which is what many believe William Barr has done. By doing what Trump asked, Barr has made trump king or dictator of America.

    Democracy means to have a say. Prosecutors followed the rules and guidelines laid out per the law. To have its leader change their sentence request is beyond bizarre.

    One would have to assume that Barr was aware of the sentence request before it was requested.

    Roger Stones’ case is indeed, a high profile case. So why allow prosecutors to request the sentence than publicly revoke the request.

    After Barr sought a lighter sentence for Stone, Trump went to twitter and praised Barr for “taking control of the case”. Claiming Stone was a victim of a democratic hoax

    So many people and families of people in jail are angry at what has just happened.

    Prosecutors following the guidelines only to be told that the sentence request was too harsh.

    Meanwhile, Ferrell Scott, first-time offender Ismael Lira, Michael Pelletier, Corvain cooper, Pedro Moreno, Way Quoe Long, and nearly 70 other people are doing life sentences in federal prison across the nation.

    While the federal government turns a blind eye to recreational and medicinal marijuana programs.

    Is this further proof of privileges for the privileged, or were the prosecutors overzealous in their sentencing request? Did Attorney General William Barr give Trump king power with his decision?

    let us know in the comments


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