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    Will Trump’s Impeachment Delay Spending Bill?

    Friday Congress will attempt to pass its new spending bill. However with Congress as divided as ever. A delay in passing the bill is very likely.

    Unfortunately with impeachment looming over the president. Of course, many feel Trump will use the spending bill as leverage.

    Attempting to push back at the democrat’s impeachment inquiry. Even more, some see it as a great way to electrify the Republican base.

    One of the big proposals in the spending bill is raising the smoking age to 21 years old. After a summer of what could be considered an epidemic.

    Business and politics meet

    E-Cigarettes were under harsh government scrutiny. After Juul cigarettes were said to have been marketing to kids.

    Numerous consumers were hospitalized after using the new devices. With the new ways to consume smokable products. Congress has been in a rush to address the issue.

    As vaping becomes ever more popular with young adults and teens. Apparently there are no laws governing the purchase of nontobacco products.

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    Many lawmakers see the purchase of these devices as gateways. Causing children and teens to experiment with different smokable products.

    Additionally, the spending bill will attempt to address former President Obama’s affordable care act. Consequently eliminating taxes on medical devices premium health plans.

    Furthermore, the 40% Cadillac tax on premium plans would be eliminated before it would have a chance to be enacted.

    However many believe it’s another way for the Republican Congress to protect the wealthy. As the wealthy are assumed to be the only ones able to afford the premiums on such plans.

    With enough meat and potatoes for both Republicans and democrats. However many on both sides believe that the president will use it as a political token. Using the bill’s energy to promote everything Trump.

    Will Trump use this as an opportunity to seek attention? Or will he pass the bill without any issues?

    Let us know your opinions in the comments

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