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    Will Smith Vs. The World: Will People Forgive Him?

    This week, Will Smith has been gearing up for his feature film Emancipation. The slave film will drop on Apple Tv+ the first week of December. Though, he’s not just on a promotional tour for his upcoming film. Rather, he’s also on an “apology tour” for his infamous 2022 Oscars slap involving comedian Chris Rock. 

    As of late, many fans have taken to social media to air out their dislike of the upcoming film and its star actor, Will Smith. People have a hard time forgiving the movie star. One mistake somehow makes him a target of scrutiny for cancel culture to prey on. 

    Cancel Culture Has It’s Favorites

    Like everyone else, celebrities make mistakes and bad decisions, too. Yet the public tends to hold celebrities on a high pedestal, almost to the point where there’s no room to make a mistake. One wrong move, and their career could end with just one negative tweet. 

    Cancel Culture has especially been incredulous to stars like Will Smith. Since going on a promotional tour for his upcoming film Emancipation, the actor has also been throwing around “apologies” right and left. Recently, he shared with Fox 5 DC’s Kevin McCarthy that he understands if “fans” refuse to see his movie because of his infamous Oscar slap. Hollywood has shut out the actor and now, fans are divided. Arguably, Smith has committed a far lesser crime compared to his colleagues who’ve been accused of murder and sexual abuse. Yet, Cancel Culture has forgiven those same wrongdoers all because they’re playing favorites. 

    Can Will Smith Be Forgiven?

    In the end, it comes down to one fact; does Will Smith have any chance of being forgiven? Honestly, Smith has nothing to be forgiven for in the first place. The actor made a mistake and Hollywood has blown the incident out of proportion. Furthermore, Cancel Culture has tried their hardest to tarnish the actor’s career just for reacting poorly to a bad joke. Thankfully, they’ve done it unsuccessfully.  

    Let’s not forget that the headlines started deeming Johnny Depp a “wife beater” a few years back. Now he’s managed to win back the public’s respects again. Why is one offense forgiven over the other? Will Smith’s only offense thus far has been him losing his cool at the 2022 Oscars.

    In fact, he’s even considered one of the most well-rounded and likable stars in Hollywood. Not to mention, he’s one of the most bankable stars in the entertainment business. If social media wants to forsaken the actor for reaching his breaking point or having a bad day, then perhaps the real problem is the internet.  




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