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    Will Smith Trades In His ‘Dad Bod’ For A ‘Fit Bod’

    Losing weight can be challenging for some people. Dieting alone takes some serious mind-over-matter control. Fortunately, Will Smith has become a weight loss coach to fans after his latest transformation. Recently, the Bad Boys For Life actor flaunted his new muscles on social media. Apparently, Smith traded in his ‘dad bod’ for a ‘fit bod.’ The actor definitely did a complete 180 turn-around after coming out of quarantine.

                An A-List Actor Goes from ‘Dad Bod’ to ‘Fit Bod’

    'fit bod'
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    In a recent video, the technologically savvy actor took to TikTok to show off his ripped physique. The Bad Boys For Life star leaps out of bed and starts his intense workout routine. For fans eager to know his workout regiment, the actor lifts weights, does pull-ups and runs track. Basically, cardio and weights are his go-to workouts. In the video, Smith even gives a run-through of the all the weight machines he uses at the gym.

    Furthermore, Smith captioned the video with, “And to think Sundays used to be for muffins #bestshapeofmylife.” Given his new muscles, the 53-year-old certainly has shed all his quarantine weight. Smith went from ‘dad bod’ to ‘fit bod’ in only a matter of months.

      Will Smith Said He Was in The Worst Shape of His Life

    'fit bod'
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    A huge weight-loss transformation can be a rewarding experience for anyone. In particular, tons of male celebrities have gone from ‘dad bod’ to ‘fit bod.’ Rewind five months back and fans will recall Will Smith saying he was “in the worst shape of my life.”

    Back in May, Smith revealed that he’d put some weight during the pandemic. At the time, Smith took to Twitter where he shared a shirtless photo of himself standing outside, flaunting his ‘dad bod.’ In the captions, the actor promised fans and himself that he’d get back in shape. More importantly, he’d stop munching on muffins late at night.




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