Wiley Dropped for Anti-Semitic Comments

The U.K. rapper has quickly lost support over the span of this past weekend, due to a number of offensive posts.


UK rapper and producer, Wiley, has been the next to receive backlash for making anti-Semitic comments. Television star Nick Cannon was also recently fired by ViacomCBS for discussing anti-semitic themes on his podcast.

Similarly, Wiley shared offensive tweets towards Jewish people, as well as Drake, this past weekend. Wiley’s actions resulted in his management company, A-List Management, ending their relationship. 

John Woolfe, Wiley’s former manager, announced the rapper’s removal from the management company this past Friday.

Wiley’s tweets include comparing Jewish people to the KKK, as well as stating that Drake “can’t have black excellence”. Wiley also described Jewish people as “cowards” and “snakes”.

The popular British artist is known for his involvement in the fusion of U.K. garage and hip hop music. Wiley entered the music scene in the early 2000s, and soon became one of the faces in grime music. Wiley is known as the “godfather of grime” to some. 

Danny Stone, the chief executive of the Antisemitism Policy Trust, took to Twitter to address Wiley’s comments. Stone described Wiley’s descriptions of Jewish people as “offensive & the inference is anti-Semitic. Jews and money. Dress it up however you like.”

Wiley responded to Stone’s tweet using a defensive tone, as opposed to an apologetic one.

While Wiley’s words are irreversible, some have expressed concern for the rapper. Individuals question whether Wiley is in a stable mental state, and if he requires additional support. 

Along with his offensive remarks, Wiley recently tweeted about subjects such as the coronavirus. Wiley downgraded the legitimacy of the virus, calling it “bullshit”. Many of the rapper’s tweets are now banned from Twitter.


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